Parquet by 4D

Parquet‘parquet by 4D’ is a specialist division of 4D Contract Flooring Ltd solely devoted to the supply and installation of Parquet Floors. Based from our offices in central London we work mainly in the London area however we do carry out work throughout the UK and indeed Europe.

We specialise in all aspects of Parquet installation, from prefinished Engineered floors, traditional new wood block floors, Versailles Panel and Continuous Versailles. We have a particular passion for the installation of reclaimed Parquet Floors.

Our Services Include...

  • We will meet and stack the material correctly upon delivery
  • We will carry out moisture tests prior to installation to ensure the parquet is laid in the correct conditions
  • We carry out all aspects of installation using only the highest quality materials
  • You don't have to do anything - just watch us do our stuff!

Why Parquet by 4D?

When you choose parquet by 4D to carry out your Parquet installation we will manage every aspect of the installation, from taking delivery of material, checking moisture content readings, both of the parquet and the site conditions through to installation and finishing on site. This ensures that all aspects of the installation are managed properly and the installation experience is a smooth one.

We appreciate that no two projects are the same and that consideration must be given to the surroundings in which we are working.

We work very closely with a number of handpicked suppliers for both new and reclaimed timber to ensure all materials used are of the very highest quality.

Case Studies

Please find links below to a number of case studies involving both new and reclaimed Parquet. Whilst these links are by no means exhaustive (more images available on request), we hope they give an indication of the processes involved in laying and finishing Parquet (especially reclaimed) as the blocks within a finished floor looks far different to the blocks when they are delivered!

We look forward to hearing from you regarding any potential projects and any help that you feel we can provide.

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